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The chemical industry in India | Best Chemical Company in India - PGV Sun Chemicals

The modern world economy is reflective of the chemical industries. Eventually, it converts 70000 different products. So, it converts the raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) for daily usage products. There has been a tremendous increase in the chemical industry in India.

A chemical manufacturer in India comprises chemical engineers, chemists, and lab technicians. It is considered the major backbone of India's industrial and agricultural development. There is no denial of the fact that the chemical industry does serve the economic growth of India.

They made our lives much easier and have improved our quality of life. Though it is a knowledge and capital-intensive industry making India a stronger agrarian economy. The government of India is also giving so many incentives for the growth of chemical industries in India.

Top chemical industries in India

Aarti Industries Ltd: - better known as the AIL has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharastra. Its foundation year is 1975 having specialization in many fields. Its works include chemicals, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceutical chemical companies. They are respective manufacturers and leading suppliers of dyes, Pigments, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and rubber chemicals. Its supply chain is being spread in foreign countries like America, Europe, Japan, and India.

Atul Ltd: - this company holds a special status in the top chemical industry in India. located in Gujrat and the foundation year is September 1947. The company does operate in the two segments: - Life Science Chemicals and performance and other chemicals. Here, the life science segments consist of active pharmaceutical ingredients, fungicides, and herbicides. While the performance segment includes adhesion promoters and textile dyes.

PGV  Sun Chemicals: - one of the top chemical industries in India. as per experts, it is considered the best chemical company in India. this is one of the leading manufacturers of Zinc ingot, Zinc Chloride of different grades, Brightener, passivation, cleaners, and other chemicals for the Galvanizing industry. The company offers the whole range of zinc chloride in all forms (solid, powder, and solution). PgvSunchemicals aim to maintain the perfect quality and economic control over our chemicals manufactured for galvanizing. They promise to offer the standard products and custom formulations that are being manufactured with a quality product for their clients/ consumers.

Gujrat Fluorochemicals: - the foundation year was 1987 having its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. One of the largest producers in India for manufacturing chloromethanes, refrigerants, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTEE). This is a subsidiary of inox leasing and finance limited. It does have two manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, a refrigerant plant at Ranjit Nagar and a PTFE facility at Dahej.

The Best chemical Company in India

No doubt, 96% of the manufactured goods have a direct connection with the chemical industries. The chemical companies in India are responsible for influencing our lives with safe water supply, food, shelter, clothing, health care, computer technology, transportation, and much more.

The chemical companies contribute a major contribution to the GDP of the country. Nearly it contributes around 3% of the GDP. India proudly holds the third-largest in Asia whereas, and ranks twelfth largest in the world.