1. Esklin 10

Fuel saving low temperature alkaline soak cleaner and depressed, can efficiently remove oils, grease, fats and soils from ferrous metals even at room temperature. Biodegradable, non-toxic.

2. Esklin 20

Low foaming spray cleaner for ferrous metals for removing fats, oil, grease and soils from metal surface.

3. Esklin 30

Efficient electrocleaner, acts as both cathodic and anodic for Ferrous metals.

4. Esklin 40

Electrocleaner for non ferrous metals,

5. Esklin 50

Non caustic, non silicate soak cleaner and degreser for aluminium and it's alloys.

6. Esklin 55

Low fuming etchant for aluminium and it's alloys.

7. Esklin 60

Highly efficient buffered degreaser for soft metals like zinc and it's alloys, brass, copper etc.


1. Esklin 72

Phosphoric acid based degreaser and deruster for ferrous metals with minimum attack on the base metal, very much suitable for cleaning and derusting of ferrous metals prior to phosphating.

2. Esklin 75

Degreaser and deruster for ferrous metals. Balanced formulation containining mixed acids, surfactants and acid inhibitor.

3. Esklin 87

Dry acid activator for ferrous and nonferrous metals

4. Esklin 90

Antirust formulation for ferrous metals, for the protection of base metal from further rusting after derusting.


1. Sunbright AZ- 440

Bright acid zinc plating process with excellent deposit thickness distributions outstanding coverage in LCD areas bright leveled deposit and high plating speed.

2. Sunbright AZ- 441

Chloride zinc plating process for rack and barrel wide current density range, excellent chromate receptions and minimum foam under air agitation.

3. Sunbright AZ- 450

Chloride zinc plating process super bright, lustrous, ductile, fine Gambled deposits with uniform Distribution.

4. Sunbright AZ- 452

Chloride zinc plating system produces, lustrous, uniform deposit, low forming formulation offering bright trouble free plating.

5. Sunbright AZ-460

Acid zinc plating process offering Excellent bright, ductile and uniform coating wide current density range 500 plating irregular shaped article.

6. Sunbright AZ 461

Economical low forming, bright lustrous acid zinc plating system.

7. Sunbright AZ 446 BL

Boric acid free chloride zinc plating process, suitable for mixed electrolyte, with good coverage and high chrome receptivity.

8. Sunbright AZ 447 COZ

Zinc cobalt alloy plating process for superior corrosion resistant deposit.


1. Sunbright ALZ 470

Non cyanide alkaline zinc plating process comprising of ALZ 470A, ALZ 470B and ALZ 470C. Gives excellent ductile and bright zinc deposition with significant chrome receptivity.


1. Sunbright BN 550

Versatile bright nickel plating process for both rack and barrel,comprising of BN 550A BN 550 B and BN 550 salt .Excellent mirror finish nickel deposition,having good tolerance to variation in temperature and bath composition. Very good low current density brightness and chrome receptivity.

2. Sunbright BN 560

An ultra high performance bright nickel plating comprising of BN 550 salt, BN 560A and BN 560B. Exceptional good leveling, brightness,coverage and chrome receptivity.

3. Sukwis 501

Nickel bath purifier


1. Sunbright SBN 580

Semibright sulphur free nickel plating process suitable as a part of duplex nickel plating providing highly corossion resistance nickel plating. Consists of SBN 580 salt, SBN 580A SBN 580 B.


1. Sunbright STN 590

Developed to produce non glaring, silky,stainfree satin nickel deposit, comprising of STN 590 A, STN 590B, STN 590C and STN 590 salt.


1. Sunbright HC 660

Brilliant bluish hard chrome deposit, gives uniform porous deposits of high cathod efficiency of 22% ,can be operated at high current density.

2. Sunbright DC 661

Mixed catalyst high speed chrome plating suitable for duplex nickel system, gives microporous deposits and hardness.

3. Sunbright SRHS 662

A self regulating high speed decorative chromium salt which needs minimum maintenance, gives deposits in reasonably short time with bluish brilliant finish.

4. Sunbright mistoff

Suppress fuming and mist formation in chrome bath by forming foam blanket.

5. Sunbright chromekill

Used after chrome plating to remove chrome traces from chromium plated articles. ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING.


1. Sunbright EN 201

A bright highly stable electroless nickel process designed for high corossion resistant coating having phosphorus content more than 7%.

2. Sunbright EN 202

A semibright highly stable electroless nickel process designed for high corossion resistance applications having phosphorus content not less than 10%.


1. Sunphos 101

Bare corossion phosphating solution to produce heavy microcrystalline coating on iron and steel conforming to class A2 of IS :3618 of 1966.Coating weight 750 -2000 mg/sq ft.

2. Sunphos 102

Low temperature fine grained phosphating solution which meets specification IS:3618 class A/B of 1966.Suitable for 7 tank hot phosphating.

3. Sunphos 103

Room temperature phosphating, suitable for 8 tank process. Suitable for Pre paint and Pre powder coat application.Very smooth microcrstalline coating for efficient bonding.

4. Sunphos 104

Wire drawing phosphating chemical.

5. Sunphos 105

Heavy Manganese phosphating solution suitable for gear, bevel gear, crank shaft industries. Excellent oil receptivity.

6. Sunphos 106

Hexavalent chromium based post phosphating passivation chemical.

Sunphos 107

7. Non chrome post phosphating passivation chemical.

8. Sunpass Al 108

Yellow Aluminium chromatising chemical.

9. Sunpass Al 109

Green Aluminium chromatising chemical.

10. Sunpass Al 110

Zincating solution for Aluminium


A) Hexavalent Chrome

1. Sunpassivation 302P

Blue chromate passivation for zinc.

2. Sunpassivation 303L

Specially formulated yellow passivation for zinc and cadmium.

3. Sunpassivation 306

Olive-green passivation for zinc with superior resistance to corrosion.

4. Sunpassivation 307

Black passivation for zinc.

B) Trivalent Chrome

1. Sunpassivation – 305

Trivalent blue passivation for zinc and zinc alloys.

2. Sunpassivation – 315

Economical trivalent blue passivation for zinc.

3. Sunpassivation – 325

Trivalent white passivation for zinc.

4. Sunpassivation – 313

Trivalent yellow passivation with excellent corrosion resistance.

5. Sunpassivation – 316

Trivalent green passive with maximum corrosion resistance.

6. Sunpassivation – 317

Trivalent black passivation for zinc & zinc alloys.


1. Sunfluxe Brand Of Galvanizing Fluxes

Mono Salt
Double Salt
Triple Salt
Quadruple Salt
Blanket Fluxe
Nickel Modified Fluxe

2. Alkaline Spray Cleaner

3. Post Galvanizing Passivation Blue And Yellow


1. Acid Pickling Corossion Inhibitor

2. Lubricating Fluid Post Phosphating Dip

3. Dewatering Fluid Post Phosphating Dip